Les 24 heures de la bande dessinee d’Angouleme

This morning I finished the 24 hour comic challenge here in Angouleme, France. I participated at the Maison des Auteurs, grace a Julie Maroh. Read mine here!

I’m quite tired, so I’ll keep this short, but I wanted to also say that I’ll be in Angouleme for the festival this week, and then I go to Paris for a one month residency at the studio of Lisa Mandel and Ruppert et Mulot. Really exciting! Working on a project, and I’ll have more concrete news about that soon. Then I’ll be back in Angouleme for much of March and April.


TALES — art opening tonight, print available

Tonight in San Francisco there is an art opening and comic book reading called Tales, put together by Francois Vigneault (who runs Family Style, and puts out Elfworld). I have a story in an upcoming issue of Elfworld, and I created this image for the show. It will be available as a giclée print (from the French verb meaning ‘to spurt’). The image features one of the characters from my story, and a little bit of the world.

The opening will be held at Mission Comics and Art,

3520 20th St. Suite B

San Francisco, CA
7pm – 10pm

and it runs now through the month of October.

Penelope, Holy Crusader

Penelope, Holy Crusader

Francois Vigneault and Jonas Madden-Connor do ‘draw offs’ a lot where they have to draw a character based on a concept. At the East Bay Alternative Press Fair, we decided to draw D&D characters. Here I give you Penelope the Paladin. Lawful good! Something I never actually play.

I’m working right now on a fantasy story, hopefully to appear in Francois’ indy-fantasy anthology. Now that I’m in Seattle, the rain will keep me in doors and drawing!