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Monthly Archives: January 2011

L’Association Continuer


I’m following the strike at L’Association as closely as one can from Seattle. My friend just posted, today, a letter from Jean-Cristophe Menu, director at L’Association. Nothing dire. Strikes are pretty common in France, but I do hope something can be worked out for the employees, especially in such a small company. My translation is […]



These chaps are putting out some amazing stuff. Wish I could go to Angouleme this year!! Thinking to submit something to them at some point.

Blár – metalheads, Norse gods, pizza


My 24 hour comic is now online for your reading pleasure: Tell me what you think!

Penelope, Holy Crusader


Francois Vigneault and Jonas Madden-Connor do ‘draw offs’ a lot where they have to draw a character based on a concept. At the East Bay Alternative Press Fair, we decided to draw D&D characters. Here I give you Penelope the Paladin. Lawful good! Something I never actually play. I’m working right now on a fantasy […]