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Monthly Archives: December 2010

GTD and Cartoonists


As I’m transitioning out of one place and into another (moving from Oakland/Berkeley to Seattle for the next 4 months), I’ve been taking care of business before I go, and thinking about how best to manage my time in the near future. I started looking at the ‘Getting Things Done’ book. Weirdly, I’d encountered it […]

Jonny Negron


Everybody’s been talking about this guy (by everybody I mostly mean the EAZB crew, but probably others too). Today I’m not letting my eyes cloud with jealousy and allowing myself to reallllly look at this stuff. It’s so good.



This app makes me want an iPhone… but I don’t *actually* want an iPhone. I want an iPod Touch. So I need to convince this developer to make it available on the Touch, and then I need to get my hands on a Touch. GeoDoodle3D. via (my new favorite website. makes me want to […]



too bad you can probably open it with a bic pen…


10-Dec-10 Just had a kid come into the comic shop today (CR in Berkeley. I say kid but he’s probably my age.). He’s buying 50c books from the 90s and a recent Bulletproof Coffin issue. He’s bought good minicomics from me before without any recommendations on my behalf… I’m curious so I ask him what […]