Stumptown Comics Fest Debuts

Here’s a panel from my contribution to Snakebomb #1, debuting at Stumptown Comics Fest THIS WEEKEND.

I will also be debuting a new comic as a double sided 11″x17″ broadside called SITUO #1. One side is the cover/poster, printed black plus one color silkscreen. The other side is a full page b&w half-toned comic, never before seen!

And I’ll have copies of Blár, VSNQST, and Prison for Bitches. Plus more minicomics & prints.

Find me, Kane Lynch, Snakebomb, and cooliostreetcat at table D-30 at STUMPTOWN. THIS WEEKEND. PORTLAND.


This app makes me want an iPhone… but I don’t *actually* want an iPhone. I want an iPod Touch. So I need to convince this developer to make it available on the Touch, and then I need to get my hands on a Touch. GeoDoodle3D.

via (my new favorite website. makes me want to play with max/msp again, but I can’t get a student copy of max5 and it’s too $$!)


Just had a kid come into the comic shop today (CR in Berkeley. I say kid but he’s probably my age.). He’s buying 50c books from the 90s and a recent Bulletproof Coffin issue. He’s bought good minicomics from me before without any recommendations on my behalf… I’m curious so I ask him what he thinks of Bulletproof Coffin. Says he’s seen comics do it before but this has something nice and sleazy about it. I say, not a lot of other stuff filling this ‘niche’ these days (whatever that means). Then he mentions King City. I ask him if he reads Comics Comics and he says yes. Damn, that got a smile out of me. Something there about [Frank Santoro] being a tastemaker… or were the kids already reading these books? Probably, a lot. Some, maybe not.