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La guerre des rues et des maisons est maintenant disponible


This post is in French because I’m talking about the Quebec edition of The War of Streets and Houses! Je m’excuse pour la mauvaise écriture. Mon nouveau livre, La guerre des rues et des maisons, est maintenant disponible dans les librairies de Québec et la canada francophone! Si vous n’êtes pas au Canada, il est […]



This time last year.

Les 24 heures de la bande dessinee d’Angouleme

Les 24 heures de la bande dessinee d'Angouleme

This morning I finished the 24 hour comic challenge here in Angouleme, France. I participated at the Maison des Auteurs, grace a Julie Maroh. Read mine here! I’m quite tired, so I’ll keep this short, but I wanted to also say that I’ll be in Angouleme for the festival this week, and then I go […]

Thurs June 28

Thurs June 28

  Tomorrow (June 28th, 2012) I’ll be reading at Drawn and Quarterly, 211 Bernard, here in Montreal! 7pm. Sophie Yanow, Julie Delporte, Alexandre Fontaine-Rousseau, Francois Samson Dunlop, David Turgeon and Vincent Giard!

L’agitateur étranger


(published in LA HAUSSE EN QUESTION and distributed in Montreal, March 27th, 2012. For info on the student strike in Montreal, see Bloquons la hausse or Stop the hike)    1. The “Outside Agitator”: a person who fights in a movement where they “don’t belong”; for example, a non-student fighting alongside a student movement. 2. Contrary […]

IN SITU – Oakland/Montréal – new book from Colosse


Tomorrow at EXPOZINE in Montreal I’m launching a new book through Colosse, a collection of my journal comics titled IN SITU. 40 pages, squarebound, hand numbered tiny edition of 100. Check out that beautiful cover above, designed with the invaluable Vincent Giard! I’ll also have copies available at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival (Dec […]

Dailies 12


Dailies 11


Dailies 10


L’Association Continuer


I’m following the strike at L’Association as closely as one can from Seattle. My friend just posted, today, a letter from Jean-Cristophe Menu, director at L’Association. Nothing dire. Strikes are pretty common in France, but I do hope something can be worked out for the employees, especially in such a small company. My translation is […]